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Scratchcard Prizes

The prizes you can win with scratch cards are generally quite big. This is because in most cases you will win your stake back or part of it. Something most of the people don’t know, is that there is an average of almost 10 million prints for each scratch card. If you consider the fact that there are circulating 8 different kinds of scratch cards on average, and you multiply that amount with 10 million, then you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to find out the gigantic number of 80 million scratch cards. On every 10 million scratch cards there are 2 to maximum 3 first prizes, which represent a value of €5,000 to €1,000,000 at most. The first prize varies by scratch card and there can also be remarkable differences in prizes of the scratch cards themselves. As you may have read above, the cheapest scratch card costs €1 and the most expensive one €10. You could say that you have the opportunity to win a very nice cash prize for relatively few money. Probably you will not win the first prize right away, but fortunately there are many more and smaller cash prizes to give away. If you are a frequent scratch card buyer, you will experience that you regularly win back the stake or even a free scratch card. And remember the golden rule for scratch card users: Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.

Scratch Card Popularity

An investigation on scratch card popularity that took place in the nineties has shown that Europeans scratch 400 million scratch cards each year. This leads to an average of 24 scratch cards per European a year! That’s a real big number since the scratch cards are still growing in Europe. Only in southern countries such as Spain, Italy and Portugal do they sell more scratch cards per inhabitant. The scratch card as we know it now was introduced in Europe in the early nineties but was a huge success in no time. Practically from the beginning, scratch cards sold as hot cakes. These initial sales brought in an amount of one thousand million Dutch guilder in the first year. Through the years, a lot of scratch cards have joined which is why there already are 93 variants by now. In addition to this, sales of incidental scratch cards are increasing, such as on public holidays. The intention of these scratch cards is for example scratching one box every day during a whole month. In 1998 these figures were announced, but that is already 11 years ago now. The anual incomes that are generated by the government from the scratch card sales has probably doubled, if not tripled.

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